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Did you know that the word “volunteer” was 1st used in the 1600s as “one who offers himself for military service”?

Did you know that the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army began with volunteers?

Kiwanis International, Lions Clubs International and Rotary International are volunteer organizations.

Did you know that the founder and current National Director of HelpForVeterans.com® - Capt. Daryl Gonyon - was a national leader in the Ethiopian Famine Relief effort?.

Close to 8 million people became famine victims during the drought and famine of 1984-1985, and over 1 million died. A BBC news crew was the first to document the famine, "a biblical famine in the 20th Century" and "the closest thing to hell on Earth.” Retired Air Force Capt. Daryl Gonyon was inspired to be passionate about helping out. He recruited Congressman Barney Frank to help him. Congressman Frank allowed Daryl to use his personal stationary to correspond with agencies, embassies, and organization throughout the world soliciting volunteers and help. Congressman Frank had a full-page write-up in the Congressional Record dated January 24, 1985, crediting Daryl for developing the “largest grass roots volunteer movement in the United States” for Ethiopian Famine Relief.

Capt. Gonyon has the same passionate desire to now aid veterans who served as we did and are now trying their luck in our communities throughout our country.

Now it is our opportunity. Veterans HELPING Veterans.

One immediate opportunity for volunteerism is:
  • Review update and keep current our several Military Discount lists for periodic Emailing to our membership. Please read below:
Are you interested in somehow aiding our fellow veterans in our country to save money on their purchases at restaurants and department stores, or for savings on autos and trucks, travel and leisure, clothing and jewelry, cell phones and all things electronic? This is what our Military Discounts ENewsletters can do for those who use them.

If you are interested in volunteering to edit our Military Discounts ENewsletters, please send a note of interest by Email to CaptainGonyon@HelpForVeterans.com or send regular mail to:

Captain Daryl Gonyon-USAF, Ret.
P.O. Box 299 South Station
Fall River MA 02724-0299

Thank you! Capt G

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