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The Purpose of HelpForVeterans.com® is Veterans HELPING Veterans in all 50 states.

If YOU are a Veteran and own your own business, help us to help you. Display a sign in your window or door to your business that reads:

A sign on your business like this is a Public Notice that pays you back in many ways!

  • Good will with Public…you are now visible in a special way!
  • Attract other Veterans and their families.
  • Local publicity with newspaper: we assist with this.
  • Local promotion with Veterans organization: we assist with this.
Veteran Owned Business Linkage to HelpForVeterans.com:

Do you have a business website you would like to link to HelpForVeterans.com?

Eligibility for linkage to our website: Only HFV.com Veteran Owned Business websites can be linked. This is a service included in your VOB membership. Eligible members need only send us your linkage via Email to CaptainGonyon@HelpForVeterans.com. In the Subject line of your Email type “VOB Linkage.

We are not responsible for the content of websites we link to. We try to make sure the links still somewhat serve the mission of our website and we reserve the right to remove links from our website for any reason we deem necessary.

HelpForVeterans.com seeks to be TEAM focused... Together Each Achieves More!

TEAM: Not "What can you do for me?" but "What can we do for each other?"

“We proudly served our nation, now we are proud to serve families all across America, community by community. We’ve always been dedicated to service, we just wear a different uniform now. You may see us in business attire, work uniforms, or traditional old-fashioned’ blue jeans.”

To obtain your special Veteran Owned Business sign, please send an Email to: and send us a note. We will respond with a private, confidential letter with the information you need to begin proudly displaying your Veteran Owned Business sign for window or door display.
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