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Our National Organization has members in 46 states. Our goal is to
promote veterans in all 50 states with their veteran owned business or self-employment.

HelpForVeterans.com seeks to be TEAM focused...
Together Each Achieves More!

TEAM: Not "What can you do for me?" but "What can we do for each other?"

“We proudly served our nation, now we are proud to serve families all across America, community by community. We’ve always been dedicated to service, we just wear a different uniform now. You may see us in business attire, work uniforms, or traditional old-fashioned’ blue jeans.”

What can YOU bring to the table?

It is estimated that about 3,000,000 veterans are in business for themselves. Can you visualize that? That is thousands of Veteran Owned Businesses in each of the 50 states! We are a BIG group, deserving of greater public recognition.

We need aggressive Special Forces to reach out to our fellow Veterans who own their own business and Enroll them as a HelpForVeterans.com® Veteran Owned Business so that we can help them with the weapons that count the most in attracting customers: advertising, promotion, and publicity. This is the Front Line of Action for them!

Ready to join? Go to Enrollment. If you might like to get on board, becoming a member of HelpForVeterans.com® at the Entry Level is currently FREE! The $33 one-time-for a-lifetime Enrollment Fee has been paid by generous Sponsors. All you need do is complete the simple Enrollment form.

We have a Plan of Action to become the most influential military organization in the U.S. to expand to all 50 states as Veterans HELPING Veterans, and we have a generous monetary Rewards Program worthy of Special Forces to accomplish this. We want, need, and will select only the Elite for Special Forces action.

                                  Send a Letter of Interest by Email or Regular mail to:


P.O. Box 299 South Station
Fall River MA 02724-0299



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